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London Rising Tide (LRT) takes creative action on the root causes of climate chaos, and promotes socially just, ecological alternatives to the fossil fuel madness that we're living through. It's part of the wider Rising Tide UK and international networks, and seeks to be part of a growing European and worldwide movement of groups working to dismantle the oil industry and live the future we want to see right now. Find out more about what we stand for.

Contact us to find out when we meet at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC), which is at 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1, Whitechapel tube, on the corner of Fieldgate Street and Parfett Street. We elcome new people, there's plenty to do, including helping run the office, making banners, doing talks & stalls, helping with actions, designing websites & leaflets etc. Some people in the group stick with just one of these tasks, while others work on several. We'd love to hear from you, whether you've only got half an hour a fortnight to spare, or entire days to put in.

Let us know if you want to know anything else, or maybe just see you at a meeting or event. It might be best to email or ring (07708 794665) before coming on a future Thursday, to make sure it's happening.

We hope this site inspires you to get active to combat oil, war and climate breakdown, (not to mention car culture, dams,aviation, nukes, industrial forest plantations etc.), whether that be with us, with your own group or by yourself. Since there's no such thing as an ethical or sustainable oil company, they and the many companies and institutions in their orbit are all worthy of our creative attention. Let us know how you get on, what you think of this site, if you'd like to get involved or if you have any other query. Good luck and stay hopeful!


Submitted by lrt2 on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 19:57

RisingTideUK will be joining others for a morning of music, speeches and solidarity outside the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, from 9am to show the government and Heathrow Airport Ltd what we think of their irresponsible and dangerous plans. The hearing will determine whether some or all of the 6 legal claims against Heathrow’s expansion will go to a full trial in 2019. For those of you who must dabble on the dark side there is a FB event. This Rally falls within the Stay Grounded fortnight of Aviation Actions.
RisingTideUK are Founder Members of the Stay Grounded Network, launched today and have joined with more than 110 organisations worldwide to support a position paper from Stay Grounded, outlining 13 steps for a transition towards a transport system that is more socially just and ecologically sustainable. This growing global network is working to curb the unrestrained expansion of the aviation sector which is causing ever increasing damage to the climate, to biodiversity and local residents. The network is made up of local airport opposition groups and frontline communities, NGOs, trade unionists, academics, climate justice activists and groups supporting alternatives like night trains. From 1st-12th October 2018, Stay Grounded action weeks take place in more than 15 countries around the world. They will show that resistance against new airport infrastructure and aviation growth is rising. The network and these actions will send a message to policy makers and the industry, rejecting the greenwashed aviation pseudo-strategies being fostered right now, like CORSIA, carbon trading and tanked biofuels. Please join RisingTideUK to support Stay Grounded, and follow its facebook and twitter accounts: @staygrounded3

Over 100 freewheel to Tour de Frack, Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Submitted by lrt2 on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 16:56

Over 70 cyclists completed 3 seperate "tours" of the Acidification Fracking sites at Brockham, Leith Hill, Balcombe and Horse Hill, all starting at Meadowbank Park, Dorking at 10.30am, joined by friends and supporters in a highly organised event with food and speaker stops culminating in an after-party at the Leith Hill Protectors Camp.
A film of the day is now available at . As you know RisingTideUK do not advocate the use of Facebook so get off as soon as you've watched it! ;-p. RisingTide's contingent were joined by among others our friends from Biofuelwatch who also took some footage which you can find here:- - - . Rumours of a return Tour next year are surfacing.

JOIN US ON LE-TOUR-DE-FRACK (South-East), Saturday 23rd June 2018

Submitted by lrt2 on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 20:13

We would love you to join us for:-
LE TOUR-DE-FRACK - a day of Anti-fracking activist & family-friendly cycle rides in Surrey & W.Sussex
When: Assemble from 9.30am for 10am, Saturday 23rd June.
What: 3 levels of cycle "Tours" around South-East Oil & Gas Drilling Sites.
Where: Dorking Meadowbank Community Park - with info,refreshments,face painting,badge-making and to send off the cyclists.
Who: You. plus your bike if you're cycling! Please bring food & drink. Wear appropriate clothing and bring your antifrackers style!
How: Trains to Dorking from London Waterloo and Victoria, Brighton and elsewhere, then on yer bike or head to the Leith Hill Protection Camp or one of the other stops.
Register for a ride by signing-up at Eventbrite


Submitted by lrt2 on Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:32

due to adverse weather conditions and transport unreliabilities, but, if you are in the vicinity of Leith Hill Camp you are welcome to drop in, especially if carrying firewood and food! Please try and come next time which is:-

When: 11am-6pm-ish, Sunday 25th March.
What: South-East Anti-Fracking Site "Tour".
Where: Meet outside Dorking Station at Antifrackers banner.
Who: You! Please bring food & flask. Wear warm waterproof clothing with stout footwear (its muddy!).
How: Trains from London Waterloo and Victoria. Pick-up to Leith Hill , Horse Hill, Brockham, Balcombe and Broadford Bridge.
Or email NILS.RESPONSE@RISEUP.NET if you hate data harvesters ;-p.
Along with the usual Leith Hill Protection Camp Solidarity Saturday, there's a chance there could be a Public Meeting on the 24th. Maybe make a weekend of it and camp overnight at Coldharbour?
Following the successful RisingTide/RtP Gathering we're endeavouring to help activists & residents near local sites to see how best we can support local communities in opposing the fracking threat in the South-East, throughout 2018 and beyond (look out for a Tour-de-Frack too). We'll visit Leith Hill Protection Camp and there may be work going on at some of the sites at the time, with a chance for optional "investigations". Any logistical problems on the day 'phone 07549-018610. If you can help with transport please let us know.

27th January South-East/London Anti-Fracking Gathering

Submitted by lrt2 on Thu, 01/11/2018 - 14:26

Hi South-East Anti-Frackers!
We really hope someone from your Group will be able to make it on the 27th January to:-
What: South-East Anti-Fracking meeting
Where: LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES
When: 10am-5pm, Saturday, 27th January (please bring your own lunch/food to share)


Submitted by lrt2 on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 19:04

Capitalism or the works
Invitation to the Climate vs Capitalism action planning meeting, London, Sat 13th February. Organised by Corporate Watch, Rising Tide UK and others.

This meeting is intended to be a follow up to the workshops Corporate Watch organised in 2015. The workshops aimed to bring people together to discuss capitalism and climate change and consider 'where next' for the movement in the UK.

This meeting will move on from more theoretical discussions to organising and action, focusing on 3 specific projects aimed at re-vitalising the grassroots, anti-capitalist climate movement in the UK. A draft agenda is at .

Ahead of the meeting we said we would chose the themes in advance and tell everyone attending before the meeting. This way people will know if there are areas they are interested in and we get on with organising instead of spending the meeting deciding what we are going to discuss(!). There will be a chance in the wrap-up session to report on other campaigns/actions/projects that do not fall under these three themes:-

Oil and Gas:-
The Trans-National Oil and Gas Industry is ubiquitous and runs our world together with the Banks that finance their projects. Their products affect our everyday lives; dictate our energy supply; and their profits play a major role in pension funds. Anti-capitalist critique is rarely these days, transformed into action against these behemoths. We want to explore ways of addressing this, illustrating alternatives, whilst showing we can target not only those companies themselves but the Banks and service companies which facilitate their destructive projects around our world.

There's growing resistance in local communities around expanding airports but an anti-capitalist critique which links these campaigns together is wholly absent. Vociferous campaigns like the one against Heathrow focus on noise and air pollution, whilst there has been little action to curb carbon emissions. So-called International Emissions fall outside any UN-COP CO2 reduction targets, so the Government looks like giving the go-ahead to expansion at BOTH Heathrow and Gatwick, despite UK climate legislation which should rule this out. It's time for us to halt all expansion and make binge-flying socially unacceptable.

To plan for participating in climate mobilisations on an anti-capitalist basis, including getting people from the UK to the ZAD mobilisation in France on 27 Feb (… ) and the Ende Gelande open cast coal mobilisation in Germany on 13–15 May ( We will also discuss other possible mobilisations.

We emphasise again strongly that we think there's a gap in UK anti-capitalist climate organising. We know that issues around being explicitly anti-capitalist, reformist politics etc. were discussed at some of the previous workshops, and we know there are some differences of opinion over this. We are also aware that others are organising 'post-Paris' strategy meetings and while we see the need for a diverse movement, we want to use this space for those who want to focus on the more explicitly anti-capitalist side of the movement.


Submitted by lrt2 on Tue, 03/03/2015 - 20:09

Join us on the:- 1)ART NOT OIL BLOC will be part of BLOC 5:Red:Fossil Free Future.
                           Meet from 12noon till 12.30pm to move off at 1pm,    at Meeting Point 5:Red, NE or top right hand corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC1, on the street, Newman's Row. Look for the Art Not Oil BP subvertised helios logo banner.
                          2)OIL SPILL ACTION AT TATE BRITAIN
at the human Viking Longship about 4pm or during the last speaker, scheduled to be Caroline Lucas MP. Moving off ASAP along Millbank to create an oil spill on the steps of Tate Britain. See you there, further info below and at :-


Submitted by lrt2 on Sun, 03/23/2014 - 16:27

London Rising Tide blockaded and shut down the Old Street Shell garage on the night of 14th March in memory of Shell activist and sambaista Val Dazzle, who lost her battle with Motor Neurone Disease in early 2010. They were joined by friends from Rhythms of Resistance samba band and other Shell2Sea friends in London. Val "Dazzle"- due to her winning smile - was a prominent member of London Rising Tide and the Band, with whom Val played for many years, even in a wheelchair just a few months before she passed away.