Leaflets and flyers

The Rising Tide leaflet

With information on who we are, what we do, why we do it, and how to get involved. You can sneak a peak and print your own below, or get in touch if you'd like a batch mailed to you - we're always looking for people to help distribute in their local area (local campaign groups, cafes, social centres, shops, health food shops, community centre, stalls etc).

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Outside of Rising Tide leaflet.   Inside of Rising Tide leaflet.

2005-2007 National UK leaflet

Two sided, full colour, folds into eight and can be either A4 or A3. Alternatively, it can be printed out and put up as a poster.

Rising Tide leaflet front   Rising Tide leaflet back

Rising Tide groups also produce leaflets to hand out to the public during actions and we have put a few of these below so you can see the sorts of things we create – feel free to use any bits you want:

Santas Against Excessive Consumption leaflet



Greenwash Guerrillas Action leaflet



Airport Expansion Industry Dinner leaflet