Take Action in April to stop a Big Biomess

Submitted by lrt2 on Thu, 03/20/2014 - 18:58

This April our friends at Biofuelwatch are organising two events in London which shine the spotlight on the destructive big biomass industry and we invite you to join us helping them!

 Wednesday 9th April7pm Biomess Awards @ Gibson Hall, 13 Bishopsgate, EC2N 3BA

Come along to our Alternative Biomess Awards Ceremony which will be held outside a conference bringing together the biggest corporate names in biomass. Representatives from key organisations in the global biomass industry will be attending to discuss how to further increase their profits from environmental destruction and social injustice.

Join us in showing contempt for this celebration of the profits of a few at the expense of many, by voting online (http://www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/biomess-awards/) for who you deem to be Biggest Biomass Baddie. Then, come and watch the winner receiving their award at our alternative ceremony on the 9th.

 Please help us spread the word through the facebook events page, by forwarding details, by tweeting with #biomessawards, and/or by distributing.

 Wednesday 23rd April12pm Drax AGM @ Grocers’ Hall, Princes Street, EC2R 8AD

Join us outside the Drax AGM to call for an end to big biomass and coal and for an end to subsidies that allow operators like Drax to keep profiting from destruction.

 Drax power station in Yorkshire is converting 3 of its 6 units to run on biomass. Since its last AGM it has converted and opened one unit and burned up to 5.5 million tonnes of green wood (mostly imported) – that’s equivalent to more than half of the UK’s annual wood production. At full capacity this unit alone will have netted them £190 million in subsidies. When all 3 units are converted they’ll be looking at almost £700 million a year – paid for through our increased fuel bills. What’s more, Drax’s conversion actually allows it to burn more coal long into the future. Even after the conversion they’ll be burning some 3.7 million tonnes of coal every year from opencast mines in the UK and imported from places like Colombia, where communities have been forced off their land for expanding mines. Visit http://www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2014/drax-agm-2014/ for more informatio. Please help us spread the word through the facebook events page,by forwarding this or by tweeting with #protestdrax.