So what have we been doing for the last 5 months?!?

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So what have we been doing for the last 5 months?!?London Rising Tide has been up to a great deal since the beginning of 2011, however our website has been having some issues recently preventing us putting the details up. Most notably, in April, LRT and various other climate groups marked the anniversary of BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill with a week of action against the oil giant's sponsorship deals in London.

The True Cost of Coal – Scotland Mini Tour

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beehive In May 2011, Coal Action Scotland are hosting members of Rising Tide when they come to Scotland to present Beehive collectives The True Cost of Coal to community and campaign groups around the country. The Beehive Collective are a group of artists who design graphics which raise social and ecological consciousness, in a way that is never boring. Touring with huge portable murals of collaboratively produced illustrations and an engaging narrative, “The True Cost of Coal” will take you on an interactive tour of the connections between coal mining, climate change, and the struggle for social justice throughout the world.

The great BP-sponsored sleep-in: REPORT

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Sunday 17 April 2011, 2:15pm The Tate Modern, Southbank, London

This Sunday the Tate Modern became the site of a spontaneous BP-sponsored sleep in as around 100 people answered Rising Tide’s call for a flashmob at 2:15 pm within the iconic museum.

With watches synchronised and BP-branded sleeping gear at the ready, the participants found themselves falling as one under a sponsorship-induced stupor, on the floor of the Tate Modern. The flashmob provided an excellent way to catch the attention of the browsers in the gallery, and as the sleepers lay all about the turbine hall and first 3 floors, and the public stared, our cameras were there to catch their reactions.

Cycle protest occupies Shell forecourts in Bristol

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On the forecourtOn Saturday 12th February, Bristol and Bath Rising Tide and friends went on a bicycle tour of Bristol’s Shell petrol stations. The ride was in protest at Shell’s activities in Co. Mayo where they are laying a high pressure gas pipeline; and in solidarity with the courageous local resistance to the project.

LRT and Rhythms of Resistance's Memorial & Rossport Solidarity Protest

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Shell Garage

After the remains of the irish government gave approval on the 20th of January for the shell high-pressure gas pipeline and refinery in county mayo, activists have been staging blockades, actions and protests against shell in solidarity with the residents and activists of rossport. in london, on the 27th of January, LRT and Rhythms of Resistance's garage blockade was also called as a memorial to long-time climate activist val jones, who lost a long struggle against a debilitating disease just one year ago.

Rising Tide UK Statement of Solidarity with RT7

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Background -
Statement of Solidarity
We in Rising Tide UK congratulate the Australian "Rising Tide 7" for a bold action with a clear message, at an extremely important target. This kind of effective non-violent direct action is crucial, to demonstrate that the blind self-destructive pursuit of profit through fossil fuel extraction and combustion is unsustainable, destructive and must stop now.

LRT present: The Beehive Design Collective's 'The True Cost of Coal'

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LRT present: The Beehive Design Collective's 'The True Cost of Coal'

Join us at our next event and get an excellent and stunning insight into the coal industry and how direct action can fight the injustices it's causing.
DATE - Thursday 10th Feb, 2011.
TIME - 7.30pm (bar after the presentation).
LOCATION - London Action Resource Centre - 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES.

The Beehive Design Collective (part of the Rising Tide North America Collective) create portable murals of collaboratively produced illustrations with an amazingly engaging central narrative.