DIY Solar

Submitted by Toadministrator on Mon, 01/02/2012 - 16:32

Bristol based 'Demand Energy Equality' are working with Bristol RT to roll out workshops enabling people to build their own solar panels from re-used materials. The objective of the workshops is both to ensure that renewable technology is available to low income households, at half the price of commercial panels, and to educate participants about reducing energy demand and demistify the technology involved.

"I took part in a workshop and found it really inspiring to build my own source of power, and I certainly value the panel after all the hard work, (and breakages). I had to think back to GCSE Science to try and grasp the electrical basics, but the workshops are designed to be accessible to everyone, whatever level of experience they have."

It is possible to attend workshops to learn the skills, or to train as a workshop leader, and pass the skills on to others. If you are interested in booking a workshop for your group, or attending as an individual, contact: or check out the website for more info and step by step guidance on building your own panels.