TUC Demo - Climate Bloc

Submitted by rt1 on Sun, 09/30/2012 - 14:05

London Rising Tide will be joining the Climate Bloc at the TUC March on Saturday 20 October. This is the statement we will be marching under...

We are people from many different environmental campaigns. We are joining the TUC march on 20 October to be part of a huge popular challenge to austerity and the misery and hopelessness it is creating. We will march together on the 20th to raise the crucial question of tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of a future that works. Dealing with these issues together is possible, necessary and desirable. The climate is changing dramatically, and we are already seeing huge impacts on food prices and energy costs.

We don’t have to choose between the climate and the economy. The climate crisis and the economic crisis have the same root causes, in an economy rigged in favour of the richest 1%. More and more people are calling for investment in jobs which reduce emissions – for example, in renewable energy, public transport, and insulating our homes, which would make a vital start in tackling both climate change and unemployment. We also need to talk about what kind of work we need for a cleaner, fairer future.

We are against austerity, and for climate justice. Join us on the demonstration.

Meet 11am at St Paul's to assemble before joining the march.

Join the demonstration: http://afuturethatworks.org
Support the Climate Bloc: http://climatebloc.wordpress.com/