Frack the World Inc. visit Keynsham

Submitted by brt on Mon, 02/11/2013 - 10:45

On Sat 9th February, suspicious people in hi-viz vests, representatives of some big corporation, were spotted in Keynsham by members of Frome Anti Fracking, Transition Keynsham and Bristol Rising Tide. They started to set up a drilling rig, right in the centre of town. "Shale Gas at any cost" seemed to be their motto.

After some banging and shaking of the rig, chemicals were pumped down below the surface. They said it was all safe, but they didn't seen happy when any got spilt. They assured passers by that no toxins could possibly leak into their water supply, and that anyway, if any were to leak, it was "all perfectly safe to drink."

Strangely enough, there appeared to be some dissenting voices around, with leaflets, who engaged passers by, explaining the dangers of the Fracking process, and how it was likely to be coming to the Mendip area in the very near future.

Around 400 leaflets were distributed during the 2 hours that Frack Free Somerset spent in Keynsham, and a lot of people were very interested in the information on offer, quite a few stated their intention to join local opposition to Fracking.

Part of the Frack Free February month of action.