Fossil Fools Day


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Climate change is no laughing matter – but that doesn’t mean we can’t confront the Fossil Fuel Empire with subversive humour.

WHAT: Direct actions, practical jokes and throwing a spanner in the works to stop the fossil fools.
WHERE: Your street, town or city.
WHEN: April 1st, 2010.

Actions and Resources for Fossil Fools Day 2009

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 02/23/2009 - 16:24

FFD LogoFFD is soon! We know of various affinity group actions around the UK but thought we’d upload some inspirational public actions you can get involved with on the April 1st and some resources to help inspire you to take action in you local area. So, whether you’ve been looking for a chance to dip a toe into the growing climate action movement, or have had your kick-ass action planned since last year, now is the time to do it – whatever it is. On April 1st, join the global day of resistance and pull a prank that packs a punch.

Downloadable RESOURCES for the Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 04/07/2007 - 21:01

The Call Out for the Day of Action has now been translated into German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portugese - click here for Translations

A collection of Flyers and Posters for the International Day of Action are now available for you to download.

If you want to organise a Critical Mass Bike Ride on the 8th of June a leaflet is now downloadable to help you - click here for more detail.

*Deutsch Informationen.

*Internationals Against the G8 Statement.

*For the G8 Page Click Here.