Westside neighbourhood at Kingsnorth Climate Camp

Westside neighbourhood at Kingsnorth climate camp 2008. Picture credit: Jess Hurd.

Formed out of and inspired by the first Climate Camp in August 2006, Bristol Rising Tide has gone from strength to strength. We are motivated by the growing evidence that climate change is well underway and and that those in power are not going to do much more about it than rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.

We are an open, autonomous, grassroots direct action group: everyone is welcome except the police and their mates. We have adopted the People's Global Action Hallmarks, a statement which affirms our rejection of all systems of domination - you name it - capitalism, patriarchy, racism, and any other -isms or -ologies that divide and oppress us. We don’t believe governments or businesses are going to solve our problems: We are going to have to do it ourselves, learning as we go.