Welcome to London Rising Tide

London Rising Tide (LRT) takes creative action on the root causes of climate chaos, and promotes socially just, ecological alternatives to the fossil fuel madness that we're living through. It's part of the wider Rising Tide UK and international networks, and seeks to be part of a growing European and worldwide movement of groups working to dismantle the oil industry and live the future we want to see right now. Find out more about what we stand for.

We meet every first and third Thursday night at 7.30pm at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC), which is at 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1, Whitechapel tube, on the corner of Fieldgate Street and Parfett Street. The last Thursday of each month is set aside as a meeting to welcome new people, so try to make that your first meeting if you can, so you can get an introduction to the various issues and plans that we're working on, and we can make absolutely sure there’s cake on the table and tea in the pot.

Current projects include The Camp for Climate Action 2007 (www.climatecamp.org.uk), a CoMutiny Garden growing food and solutions in the heart of London, and Art Not Oil (www.artnotoil.org.uk), which stands for 'creativity, climate justice and an end to oil industry sponsorship of the arts'. So there's plenty to do, including helping run the office, making banners, doing talks & stalls, helping with actions, designing websites & leaflets etc. Some people in the group stick with just one of these tasks, while others work on several. We'd love to hear from you, whether you've only got half an hour a fortnight to spare, or entire days to put in.

Let us know if you want to know anything else, or maybe just see you at a meeting or event. It might be best to email or ring (07708 794665) before coming on a future Thursday, to make sure it's happening.

We hope this site inspires you to get active to combat oil, war and climate chaos, (not to mention car culture, dams, nukes, industrial forest plantations etc.), whether that be with us, with your own group or by yourself. Since there's no such thing as an ethical or sustainable oil company, they and the many companies and institutions in their orbit are all worthy of our creative attention. Let us know how you get on, what you think of this site, if you'd like to get involved or if you have any other query. Good luck and stay hopeful!