Transport to Mass Action at Hinkley Point Nuclear Power

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Just to let you know that transport from London has been arranged for a Weekend of Mass Action at Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station 5-8th October.

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance is organising a weekend protest camp and mass action from October 5th to 8th. The Alliance says the government is
about to commit the UK to a new generation of nuclear power stations while at the same time killing off investment in renewable energy. Spokesperson
Nancy Birch says: "We are calling for International solidarity to stop to UK being used as a shop window for companies like EDF Energy to promote
nuclear power as a solution to climate change - while support for renewables sector dwindles. The forthcoming Energy Bill is set to give the
green light to massive backdoor subsidies to nuclear - so the public will end up paying for it twice - through taxes and higher energy bills.  We
want a future not a disaster.

Please join our protest camp and Mass Actions to say NO to nuclear power before it's too late.'.
More information can be found at:

STOP PRESS:- For further information on coach travel from London: contact David on 020-7607 2302;


Over the weekend of October 5th-9th, there will be a protest at Hinkley Point.
This will consist of: 1) a protest camp at Hinkley from the 5th to the 9th,
            2) A protest march around the nearest town, Bridgwater, followed by a
rally in the town centre, on Saturday 6th October, with a die-in at Hinkley Point
later in the day.
            3) Workshops and other events at the camp and around the proposed site
for Sizewell C on Sunday 7th.
            4) A Day of Action at Hinkley on Monday 8th including a blockade of the
base in the morning.
A 52-SEAT COACH has been hired to take people from London on Saturday 6th to
Bridgwater for the events there on that day and then on to Hinkley C for people to
take part in the die-in.  It will then return to London that evening.
Times of coach on 6th:     8am prompt: leaves from Embankment outside Embankment
tube station
                                                8.30 am: picks up outside
Hammersmith Apollo (near Hammersmith tube station)
                                                Before noon: arrives in Bridgwater.
                                                About 4pm: moves on to Hinkley C
                                                About 6pm: leaves Hinkley C to
return to London.
                                                Time of arrival back at Embankment
(after dropping off at Hammersmith): 9.30-10pm.
Fares on coach:     Return tickets: £25 waged; £13, or as much as you can afford,
unwaged.  (NB. Reduction of £2 per ticket, for those booking by October 1st)
                                    Single tickets to Bridgwater and on to Hinkley:
£16 waged; £8, or as much as you can afford, unwaged.  (Reduction of £1 per ticket
if you book by October 1st.)
Single tickets will enable you to take part in the rest of the camp over the weekend
and the day of action and blockade on the 8th.  However you will have to make your
own arrangements for return to London.
To order tickets, send a cheque or postal order to cover the cost of the number of
tickets being ordered to: David Polden, London Region CND, Mordechai
Vanunu House, 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ.  Make clear how many each of return
or single tickets are required and whether waged or unwaged.  Make out cheque to
“LRCND”.  London Region CND are running the coach on behalf of Kick Nuclear.

For further information: contact David on 020-7607 2302