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 Working in close partnership with indigenous movements LifeMosaic
 focuses on producing and disseminating educational films for
 indigenous peoples and rural communities. In partnership with Tebtebba
 and AMAN, we recently produced "Fever", a 4-part climate change
 educational film based on the voices of indigenous peoples in the
 Philippines, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Indonesia. Dubbed into 6
 languages, "Fever" is designed to inform and empower indigenous
 communities across the tropics and to be a tool for grass-roots
 facilitators, helping strengthen local movements in their awareness
 raising and advocacy work on climate change and indigenous peoples

 The films are primarily for use by indigenous and tribal communities
 and grassroots partners as tools for community empowerment and have
 been distributed extensively to communities in Indonesia, Latin
 America and parts of Africa, sparking discussions and further action.
 Other ways that the films are being used is at training's and
 workshops, festivals, in schools and universities and in government
 policy discussions

 You can watch the films online at or watch a short
 trailer at

 We can provide the films free of charge to indigenous communities and
 their support organisations so if you have any relevant grassroots
 contacts you think might be interested, please get in touch.  Also if
 you feel that they are appropriate for including on your website let
 me know and i'll send you the embed codes and film information.


Quote from users of the films

 Pasang Sherpa, Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Nepal:

We have used Fever a lot. The symbolic imagery is very helpful for us to help
 communities understand the concepts that we find hard to explain. The
 video opens the discussion forums. What can we do, what is our
 strategy, how must we change before we are adversely affected.

 Niko Ainusi, West Papua:

Now I know about the climate and indigenous peoples" rights,
so the companies and the government better not come
 and lie to the people in my village anymore. I will watch "Fever" with
 my community and when people know the content, we can declare whether
 we accept or refuse a company that wants to come into our territory.