The Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 10:09
The Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos
Outside BP's Annual General Meeting - 10am - April 24th
Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London

London Rising Tide invite you to be part of the Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos, outside BP's Annual General Meeting. If you are despairing over the carnage this installment of the war on terror has wrought, don’t forget how close we came to preventing it.

Book the day off work now, be there by 10am on the 24th and bring solar-powered sounds, instruments, food & drink to share, drums, gladrags, puppets, friends and positive vibes.

There will be a Critical Mass bike ride as part of the day‚s fun and games, meeting at 9.30am at BP's new HQ - 1, St. James‚ Square, SW1 - and ending up at the Carnival.

Let us know if you have any time to help out in the run-up to the Carnival, if you’d like to perform on the day,if you need a place to stay the night before, if you’d like a copy of our glossy BP counter-report (SAE required), or if you’d like some copies of the leaflet.

Postal: c/o London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, London
E1 1ES

Sunday 20th:
From 4pm onwards, Generator X will be showing various films on resistance to oil in places like Colombia, West Papua and Ecuador, using renewable energy, from their truck 'somewhere in London Fields'(!)

Wednesday 23rd:
From 7pm, there will be a Climate Chaos Caff at LARC, a chance for peoplethinking of coming to the Carnival to get together, get a good dinner and find about a bit more about what's planned for the following day. We can find you a place to stay if you make it there.

Thursday 24th:
The word is 'get to the RFH by 10am at the latest (or for the Critical Mass, get to BP's HQ, 1 St. James' Square, by 9.30am).

Military, Government, Oil and Capitalism
Countless people across the world have seen the war machine stripped bare for the first time, seen the intimate connections between the military, government, big oil and capitalism itself. And instead of staring dazedly at their TV screens, they’re getting up and getting active, which is a cause for celebration in the midst of all the darkness. The Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos will be another sign of that spirit of DIY resistance.


Why bp? It triggers conflict. Its spin doctors don’t want you to know it, but it’s knee deep in this war, just like Shell, Exxon, Total etc. Now’s the time to scratch away the gleaming paintwork of BP’s sleek illusion machine by hearing about its record in countries like Colombia, West Papua, Alaska and Azerbaijan. And it’s time to join the dots between oil, war, capitalism and the way they’re knocking the world’s climate off its axis.

At the Carnival we’ll polish up our visions of the world we want to live in. We’ll reconnect ourselves with the wild burst of energy that we see all around us in the spring. We’ll call for a real, radical change that transports us lifetimes away from the shallow, brutal, racist, unnatural, destructive profit-driven world personified by BP We’ll meet the system’s violence with creative defiance. We’ll speak and dance of better futures, of an end to oil, of communities owning and running their renewable energy supplies, of resistance and diversity... because there’s only one thing better than walking your talk, and that’s dancing it.

This will be a positive celebration of a safe, sustainable and socially just future.