Click on the resources below (under 'Attachments') to download, print, put on your website, create your own leaflets, etc. If you'd like the action ideas booklet in hard copy contact us and we'll post them to you straight away!

Leaflet to hand out on the day
Explains the basics of Fossil Fools Day but has a big empty white space for you to add the specifics of why you are taking action in the way that you are, why you are at the location you have chosen and your website or contact details. The leaflet is available as a Word file so you can print it off (4 per piece of A4) then physically glue your text in the empty space before you photocopy the leaflet.

15 Actions to Topple the Fossil Fuel Empire (PDF)
Why and how to take direct action against the fossil fuel industry... including planning tips, target locations, examples of successful actions and more.

Now available: Q&A sheet for answering media questions about Fossil Fools Day. Email us for a copy.